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Open up your research

The times where researchers were locked up in the lab or library are over. The general audience needs correct information about science in order to participate in the public debate. The Expertise Centre for Sience Communication (an initiative of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the Erasmushogeschool Brussel) creates a bridge between researchers and society by supporting researchers and stimulating them to communicate on the one hand and by inviting the general audience to experience science together with us on the other hand.

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

Carl Sagan


Why should you communicate about science:

  • Social valorisation: Most of the time researchers are funded with public means. Through science communication you can inform the public about the purpose and the social relevance of your research.
  • Share your passion: Especially the exact sciences have low enrollment numbers every year. Make sure that research and education within your field continues to live on and share your love with the next generation.
  • Develop your skills: Communicating during your (post) doctoral studies is a big advantage that can distinguish you from other researchers on the labour market.
  • Outreach: As a researcher you often get asked by official organisations to communicate about your research. This is why science communication is a part of the job responsibilities of a ZAP-mandate or PWO-project. The FWO, BOF and EU also request that universities and researchers communicate about their findings to the general audience.

Science Day

Every year during the Science Day Brussels and Flemish research institutions open their doors for everyone. In Brussels we expect a few thousand visitors from all ages on campus Jette. Bring out your research and participate in this cosy science festival. Demonstrate your specialties in an interactive booth or workshop and tell everyone about your passion for science in a short lecture.


The popular scientific blog brings us science news straight from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Erasmushogeschool Brussel. Are you eager to write something about your own research, react on an article or to be interviewed by our editors concerning your discoveries? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Community Based Research

Are you interested in research with and for society? Wetenschapswinkel collects research questions of non-profit organisations who are looking for scientific support. Students and researchers answer the questions in their thesis or project in close collaboration with the organisation. 


Would you like to share your passion with youngsters and encourage them to pursue a career in science or technology? We offer a series of educative projects and workshops for young people inside and outside the classroom’s walls. Contact us with suggestions and we will review the possible options together with you.


We also offer many communication trainings, mostly directed towards researchers. How do you write a text that appeals to journalists? How do you speak fluently in front of a camera? How do you seduce your audience to read your text? How do you get started with social media? Our trainings will provide an answer to all of your questions. Would you like to know more? Then follow our Summer School.

I have a question

Many people have urgent questions for scientists. On ‘I have a question’ you can give an answer to diverse questions within your field of research. You deliver the contents, we take care of the final editing and will adapt the text to the age of the person who asked the question.


Do you have any multimedia-related questions within your research group or knowledge centre? Would you like to develop a new website? Record a videoclip about your research? Create an animation movie that explains scientific concepts? Do not hesitate to come to us for more information and support.


Making science communication cool, can get pretty expensive. You can call upon us to help you further with the communicative aspect of your funding documents of your upcoming research projects. By doing so your outreach is immediately included into your file and we can fulfill the communicative area before, during and after your research project in a qualitative way.


Are you in for a debate with the general audience? Every month we bring scientists and experts together in our science café, located in the centre of Brussels. Perhaps you have a suggestion for a topic? We can help you pour everything into an attractive concept and help you invite speakers. And obviously we take care of the communication and logistics.

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