Bright Club is a stand up comedy night where scientists talk about their research in a seriously funny way. This Bright Club Brussels took place February 2nd, 2016, at Rits Café Brussels. Our bravest researchers took their chance to seize the stage and entertain the masses with a series of scientifically sound jokes. And with succes! Maybe they felt that the force was with them: they were supported by our national science comedy treasure Lieven Scheire as an excellent MC. If you missed it, feel free to watch the videos below and find out why the chicken crossed the Dansaert street!

We are proud to announce a third edition on March 11th, 2016.
More information soon!


…on penguin poop, ice cream and knitting.

Nevena Hristozova

Molecular Biologist, VUB.


…on Plos One, dirty Twitter words and the waggle dance.


Hannah Little

Artificial Intelligence, VUB.


…on the Oxford comma, e-mail attachments and dating physicists.

Ilja Van Braeckel

Biologist, Science Communicator & Bright Club Trainer, VUB.



… On panic cramps, Jeroen Meus and Fifty Shades of Grey.

Gorik Verbeken



…on facial freedom fighters, mind reading and Little Albert.

Michael Van Damme

Experimental Psychologist, Comedian & Bright Club Trainer


…on driving in Brussels, electric vehicles and range anxiety.

Egi Nazeraj

Electricity & Energy Engineering, VUB