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Superheroes and Supergadgets

Like most superheroes, scientists are just ordinary people using their talents to do good in the world. And just like Batman’s Batmobile, their high-tech equipment derverves a proper spotlight! First up is research group NAVI with their beloved ‘Seahorse’.

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Elephants prevent soil depletion in African Savana

In her previous blog biologist Judith Sitters wrote about her adventures in the North. In this article she portrays her latest fieldwork in the African Savannah. She talks about the hellish noise the cliff-ties made at night, the elephants who wanted to play soccer. Oh, and the leopard that apparently passed on her run more than once…

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Past Pandemics and Modern Misconceptions

To many, the quarantine measures of the last few months may seemed unprecedented. Remaining indoors, staying distanced from friends, loved ones, and even strangers on the street, planning grocery shopping ahead of time like a military operation and being constantly aware of your surroundings is draining and definitely not what we are used to. The notion of these regulations as purely modern is, however, inaccurate. Medieval cities throughout Europe had many regulations regarding public hygiene that were strictly and regularly enforced with a view towards preserving the people’s greater health.

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Bezig met laden is een initiatief met de steun van

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