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Darwin Day: On the Origin of the Darwin Font

February 12th, it’s Darwin Day! We’re hoping you’re as excited as we are. This post is dedicated to one of our heros and we even made a Darwin font for you to download. Because Comic Sans Ms is so 1882… “… just one pair, what took you so long?” – my flat mate asked nosily, as I slumped into the couch, proudly holding a pair of bright orange striped socks I just bought at the shopping centre. “Oh you know, the holiday season…”

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How our oceans turned toxic twice

Despite the intriguing aspects of the Devonian world, scientists did not know exactly how fast the Earth became inhospitable for life across Devonian mass extinction event. Our team of geologists from Germany, Belgium, the USA and China looked at rhythmical climate cycles in the rock record to figure out the precise timing of the Late Devonian extinction. We now know how fast the Devonian oceans turned hostile to life, and we published these findings in Nature Communications.

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