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How we monitor Earth’s oceans from space

A quantum leap in the amount of data available about the state of the Earth’s oceans is currently underway. The European Copernicus project is harnessing cooperation from around the globe to bring benefits for weather forecasting, understanding of our climate, health and safety and business.

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#FFF: Something evolutionary about February

Some might say that the stars align to favor the (r)evolutionary minds throughout scientific history. And while astrology is still to provide any proof of its credibility, let’s talk about few interesting people born in February who contributed tremendously to the theory of evolution.

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#FFF: When going viral isn’t a good thing

You probably know that vaccines are created by using knocked-out pathogen that can’t make you sick anymore, but can force your immune system to up the shields on your body’s defenses. But do you know where the word vaccine comes from, what “ring immunity” means, or how old is the oldest computer virus?

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